Motorcycle MOT Testing Flintshire North Wales

Motorcycle MOT Test North Wales
A little about our motorcycle MOT testing centre: Our VOSA qualified engineers have a combined experience of several decades of motorcycle MOT testing which allows us to make a fair and honest appraisal of your bike as well as the ability to spot any issues with the motorcycle before they develop into something more serious. If you would like to book an M.O.T, just give us a call on 01352 759222. The current price of an M.O.T test is £29.65

The M.O.T test normally takes about 30 minutes so you can sit and have a cuppa in our customer waiting area which boasts a flat screen TV, sofa’s, motorcycle magazines and a coffee machine, or just come back at a time that suits you.


Lights and Signals: Quick MOT Checks Make sure all your lights, brake lights and indicators work. You must also display a red reflector to the rear of your bike and have a functioning horn.

Steering and Suspension: Quick MOT Checks Nothing should prevent the smooth rotation of the moving parts of your bike. This includes badly routed cables and worn head stock or wheel bearings. Forks or rear shocks must not leak and should be firmly attached and filled with the correct amount of oil.

Brakes: Quick MOT Checks Easy one this. Your bike’s brakes need to work and there should be a decent amount of brake material standing proud of the backing plate. Grooved or worn disks or drums will also fail.

Tyres: Quick MOT Checks Mopeds must have clearly visible tread on both tyres whilst motorcycles must have at least 1mm. Bulges or cracks in the side wall are not good at all, nor are cuts over 25mm and everything must be seated correctly.

Side Cars: Quick MOT Checks If your motorbike has a sidecar it must be securely fitted, the tyres and suspension must be up to the standard of the rest of the bike and all three wheels of the combination should point in the same direction.

Body and Structure: Quick MOT Checks Fairly obviously loose parts or missing engine bolts will do you no favours. Rider footrests must be fitted and secure and if there is a pillion seat there must be a second set as well.

Corrosion can affect the structure of the motorcycle, the bike may fail the MOT, so check head stocks, swing arms and suspension mounting points etc.

Fuel and Exhaust: Quick MOT Checks Put simply, exhausts which leak or are too loud, or both, will not pass. Nor will anything stamped with ‘not for road use’ or anything which leaks fuel.Note: The annual motorcycle MOT test is simply a thorough check of all the components which are essential to keep your bike roadworthy. If your motorcycle fails this MOT checklist it is almost always because it would be unsafe for you or other road users if the bike were ridden on public roads – with the obvious exception of illegal number plates, which aren’t a danger to anything except your licence and your MOT pass. If you have any other questions just give us a call on 01352 759222 or email us at